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Beginners Learning the Game

Golf, like other sports, can be expensive and intimidating unless you decide where you want to go, get a good teacher, and have fun along the way. Your path for getting in the game can include group instruction or private lessons. Our beginner golf classes are uniquely designed to help beginners like you break down the complexities of the game into bite-sized chunks you can learn in spite of your busy schedule. For those who want private lessons, our golf instructors evaluate your swing and provide you with your own personal plan for learning the game. Either group or private, our technology tracks your progress and adjusts your instruction as skills improve.

beginner golfTake the First Step

Play-a-Round Golf offers enjoyable, encouraging experiences as you properly learn golf techniques, rules of the game, and course etiquette.

For those who are just beginning to learn the game, we use SNAG: Starting New at Golf (TM) to provide "first touch" instruction to the young and old alike. Read more...

Let Instructors Guide You
Our golf instructors help to improve your ability to play the game, learn golf techniques, rules of the game, and course etiquette.

Document Your Progress

Video helps you see and understand your swing. aG Data (from aboutGolf) captures your shots, video, and our golf instructors' lessons for you to review your progress at a later date.

Play a Round

Take time to play a round using your swing adjustments. Play-a-Round Golf offers a place to immediately apply what you've learned in an on-course environment without the worry of other golfers on the course.

If you don't see what you need, give a call. We're here to help you play your best.

Our Golf School Classes Are Designed for You

Our golf school is built on the premise that golfers of ALL ages naturally pick up the game when it is fun and they can enjoy successes of playing properly without the pain. This means "Learning Works Best - When FUN Comes First." Guaranteed!

We've designed classes for women, men, juniors (5-12), and youth (13-17) with age appropriate games and instruction to help ensure that we keep in the fun. Here's an example of one of our classes.

Beginner Golf Class - Just For Ladies!

According to the EWGA (Executive WBeginning Golf For Womenomens Golf Association), women are increasingly finding participation in the game helps advance their careers, family life, relationships, and confidence. Over 100 women have taken one or more classes as part of the Beginner Golf School in just the past 12 months.

As part of the Essentials Class they learned:

  • One potential golf partner
  • Two ways to network with others through golf
  • Three parts of proper pre-shot setup
  • Four fundamental golf shots
  • Five parts of golf etiquette and a few rules

We keep it simple. We keep it fun. And, each student gets a booklet with the key information for each lesson so you can remember the key components to the swing.

Camps are FUN!

Incorporating the spacious field next door with our state-of-the-art golf facility, we are able to offer golf camping every day–rain or shine. Each day provides numerous games utilizing the SNAG equipment and training aids that enable campers to learn golf fundamentals while having fun.

We know that you may wonder whether you will have fun and learn a lot. Don't worry. We back our Beginner Golf Classes with a full money-back guarantee.

Interested? Read More about our Golf School Classes!

Private Lessons Can Help Too

In addition to our golf classes, we offer individual golf lessons to help manage or accelerate your learning at Play-a-Round Golf. By matching the golfer's physical abilities with the appropriate golf swing, our students develop a dependable golf swing that will perform under pressure and last a lifetime.

Come see an instructor. We are here year-round!

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