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Golf, like other skills or sports can be improved with an accurate assessment and the employment of sound fundamentals. Through the use of high-speed video analysis and accurate information from our aboutGolf® simulators, improvement can be sped-up. Lasting results can be achieved by consistent practice conditions regardless of weather. Lessons, round stats, swings, and shot data can be stored on a personal web page to help you track your progress.  




Map Your Path

Know what you want. Go and get it. Then, celebrate when you've got it. 

 - R. Cook


You are unique. Your swing is, or will be, unique. Our golf instructors evaluate your swing and provide you with your own personal plan for learning or improving the game. Depending on your skill level, time, and preferences, your plan for improvement can include introductory or advanced group classes and/or one-on-one sessions. Fill out our worksheet.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress with our shot data with our aboutGolf® simulators. You can compare what the ball did as well as what your club is doing at impact. Our systems will track ball information; ball speed, total yards, carry yards, backspin, side spin, vertical launch, horizontal launch, smash factor, and yards off line. See club head information at impact; club head speed, where the ball contacts the face, vertical attack, and club path.

Video analysis during each lesson is used for clear communication. Lesson videos are stored for later review.

Take the First Step

Sign-up for a free 15-minute swing evaluation to see what path will best suit your needs.



SNAGIf you've never touched a club or played for many years, our team of instructors, methodologies, and technologies can help you learn the game or play better and have more fun. For those who are just beginning to learn the game, we use SNAG: Starting New at Golf® to provide "first touch" instruction to the young and old alike. Read more...



Let Instructors Guide You

Our golf instructors help beginners and tour professionals improve their ability to play the game, learn golf techniques, rules of the game, and course etiquette.




...Everyone that represented Play-a-Round was pleasant and very helpful; very focused on providing a great experience... 

- Johnny T.



Teaching works best when fun comes first. 
- S. Graves, Sr.


Document Your Progress

Our technology tracks each shot. Video cameras help you see and understand your swing. aG Data (from aboutGolf®) captures your shots, video, and our golf instructors' lessons for you to review your progress at a later date. Read more...





Take time to play a round using your swing adjustments 363 days out of the year. No rain-outs or frost delays to impede your progress here. Play-a-Round Golf offers golf school instruction locally to fit your schedule, and a place to immediately apply what you've learned in an on-course environment. View our courses...


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610-725-9155 MALVERN

245 Lancaster Ave., Malvern, PA 19355
In the Lincoln Court Shopping Center 

610-228-2814 ARDMORE
56 Greenfield Ave., Ardmore, PA 19003
In the Ardmore Plaza Shopping Center.