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"Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect."  One way to ensure that you are practicing perfectly is to utilize practice facilities that document your progress. Hitting buckets of balls on the driving range or into nets in your basement can leave you asking, "Why can't I hit the ball as well on the golf course as I do at the driving range?"

Analyze Your Practice Shots

Now you can measure your practice shots. Our golf simulators uniquely capture the following data for each of your practice shots and presents it for your immediate review. After each shot, the simulator projects key data points captured (see screen to the right), including:

  • Golf Practice ReportTotal - Total Distance of the shot.
  • Carry - Distance the ball flew in the air.
  • Club Speed - Speed of the club when it hits the ball.
  • Ball Speed - Speed of the ball as it leaves the face of your club at impact.
  • V(vertical) Launch - Angle of the ball as it leaves the club head at impact.
  • Backspin - Rotations per minute (RPM) measured of how fast the ball is spinning as a result of impact.
  • Shot Height - The maximum height of the shot.
  • Flight Time - Time in seconds of how long the golf shot was in the air.
  • Smash Factor - The ratio of the club head speed to the ball speed. The closer this value is to 1.50, the more efficient the transfer of energy from the club head to the ball.
  • Sidespin - The quantization of how much the ball is spinning to the right or left causing the ball to draw/fade (100 - 200) or hook/slice (200+).
  • H(horizontal) Launch - The horizontal angle of the ball as it leaves the club head as compared to the target.

After all, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

Compare your Practice Sessions

Practice Golf SessionIn addition to being able to receive immediate feedback, you can also view each of your practice shots through your own password-protected internet account. You can compare them with prior sessions in the comfort of your own home or office.  Compare two clubs or the same club across multiple practice sessions.  It's fun. 
Come in. We'll setup an account for you so the technology can begin documenting your own path to a better golf swing.

"I have enjoyed the Play-a Round Golf experience over the last few years.  The ability to 'see' the details of the results of my golf swing and track my progress in improvement via your web-based range database showing how I hit each club has been invaluable in improving my game and enjoyment in golfing.  Combining that with the expert instruction from Jeff, has made for the 'Total Experience'.  I recommend the use of your facility and instruction to golfers of all abilities."
- John Spivak

Checkout the best way to find your game. Here's how:

Book an hour or half-hour on one of our "feedback machines. Swing each of your clubs and when you get home take a few minutes to review the results.You can even share them with your pro. You'll both be glad you did. Cost is only:

One (1) Hour on Weekday - $37.50
One (1) Hour on Weekend - $42.50 (Sat and Sun)

You can even upload video of your swing from our integrated camera for only $10 per half hour more. There's nothing like seeing your swing along with the shot data to help improve your game quickly. Just make sure you select "with video" as you book your appointment.

Get the Feedback You Need to Improve Your Game 

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