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Our golf school is built on the premise that beginners (and advanced) golfers of all ages naturally pick up the game when it is fun and they can enjoy successes of playing properly without the pain. This means "Learning Works Best - When FUN Comes First." We believe this is so fundamental that we've built it into every class and camp that we provide at Play-a-Round Golf School. Checkout our classes for beginners, women, and avid golfers in the sections below. For more information checkout our calendar or give us a call for more information.

Beginner Golf Classes!!
SNAG starting new at golf
We selected SNAG: Starting New at Golf(R) equipment to compliment our focus on fun. SNAG is the world-wide leader in providing equipment to help golf professionals provide first touch instruction to beginners. Great equipment coupled with a mixture of instruction and fun games enable our students to learn the game of golf, its many values, while having fun. No reason to be bored here. 

Traditional methods of teaching the game have focused on repeating shot after shot to try to develop the proper methodology. Our classes use lots of games, outdoor experience, aboutGolf Simulators, and a touch of magic to create an unmatched experience that enables students to play while learning, practicing, and competing. What a concept!

Beginner Golf Classes are For Everyone!

The Play-a-Round Golf School for Beginners is a great place to start. Our current class offerings includes the following classes designed specifically for ladies, men, juniors (5-12), and youth:

  • Beginner Essentials of Golf Class - Students learn solid fundamentals, including: four basic golf swings using SNAG: Starting New at Golf equipment and methodologies (see below). Each week's lesson focuses on a new swing beginning with the roll (putt), chip, pitch, and launch (or full swing). If you haven't learned the game or it's been quite a while since you swung a club, join us for fun and a whole lot of learning along the way.
  • Beginner Short Game Golf Class - Next, we help students transition their confident swings from SNAG to traditional golf equipment as we focus on learning the short game. We use both our state-of-the-art golf simulators as well as our three acre side yard. Students will use putter, wedges, 9-iron, and 8-iron in this class.
  • Beginner Long Game Golf Class - In our third class, we focus on helping students put the ball in the fairway. Students expand their confidence to the long irons, hybrids, fairway woods, and driver. We also spend considerable time on pre-shot routine and course management.

SNAG equipment consists of a SNAG Ball(TM), SNAG videoa Launcher(TM), a Roller(TM), and the Flagsticky(TM). The SNAG Ball is a slightly smaller version of its cousin the tennis ball. Designed for safety, the clubs are weighted to feel just like golf clubs. We teach students to roll the ball (i.e., putt) with the Roller and launch the ball (i.e., chip, pitch, and full swing) with the Launcher. We also use a number of training aids like the Snapper and SNAGaZoo to enable students to quickly understand the correct methods for taking each type of golf shot.

For the Short Game and Long Game Classes, you are encouraged to bring your own equipment. We have equipment you may borrow during class until you purchase your own. You can also purchase reasonably-priced equipment through us. Just let us know how we can help you.

Our staff focuses on working with beginner golfers and has received SNAG: Starting New at Golf (R) training. In addition, our curricula has been reviewed by our PGA partners to ensure each student learns proper golf skills.

Ladies Golf Classes"Beginner Essentials Classes Are For Everyone"

Feeling left behind? Join the fun. Golf is enjoyed by millions of women around the world. According to the EWGA (Executive Women's Golf Association), women are increasingly finding participation in the game helps advance their careers, family life, relationships, and confidence.

Never played before? Our program is built for beginners using safe, proven, and fun methodologies and equipment. Each class is based on fun with the fundamentals. You will learn:

•  One New person (at least one)
•  Two Ways to Network with Others
•  Three Parts of Proper Pre-Shot Setup
•  Four fundamental Golf Shots
•  Five Proper Business Golf Etiquette Rules

Golf too hard? We keep it simple. Golf pros will tell you that they spend most of their lesson time undoing improper golf mechanics. Our program was developed by PGA Touring Professionals and has been endorsed by golf professionals around the world, including the Ladies Professional Golf Association and the European Professional Golfers Association.

Golf too expensive? Play anywhere - in your backyard, in the park, or at the beach. With our equipment, the world is your golf course.

Golf not convenient? We're ready when you are - rain or shine.

Specifics for Each Class:

  • Who: Beginners
  • When: Click Here For the List of Upcoming Classes 
  • Duration: Each class includes six (6) lessons of 90 minutes each
  • Student to Instructor Ratio: 6 to 1
  • Prerequisites: None. Beginners are welcome!
  • Dress: Comfortable clothing for moderate activity and sneakers.
  • Equipment: Equipment is provided for each student.
  • Maximum Attendees: 6 students per class

Ready to signup? Take the first step NOW by Clicking Here to Enroll. Start enjoying the game.

Want more information? Call us at 610-725-9155!

Here's what a recent graduate had to say about her experience at the Beginners Golf School:

Intermediate Classes"I highly recommend taking the Beginner's Course for Ladies. The course offers a comprehensive look at all aspects of golf and breaks the different shots down into separate lessons. As I had no experience with golf, I found that learning piece by piece was the best method for the most novice of beginners. The course is a great value and lots of fun."
- Rebecca Kase, Malvern, PA

 Off-Site Classes for Beginners
Our instructors and equipment are available for your company outing, elementary school physical education curriculum, senior center social times, and other facility programs. It is fun and a great way to introduce the game. Call us for availability and rates.

Play-a-Round Golf "... a very good place to start."

Intermediate and Advanced Golf Classes

In addition to our Beginner Golf Classes, we offer classes for intermediate and avid golfers.

Classes for Intermediate Golfers
Play-a-Round Golf offers additional opportunities for students experienced in the game. Working with noted golf instructors, we provide classes and observed practice sessions to help students take their game to the next level.

Classes For Avid Golfers
Play-a-Round Golf provides various classes throughout the year to help our customers improve their game. Over the last several years we have hosted the following:

"Know Golf" by John Dunigan, Director of Instruction at White Manor Golf Club, Malvern, PA. Attendees appreciated learning the recently updated laws of ball flight along with three drills to help the students play better.

Check out our Upcoming Class Schedule 

Still Wondering if our Beginner Golf School is right for You or Your Children?

We strongly believe and our students tell us that in each class they learn a lot and have loads of fun. For that reason, we don't hesitate to back each camp and class by our . . .

"Learning-Works-Best-When-FUN-Comes-First" 100% Guarantee!
100% Guaranteed risk free

"We guarantee you and/or your children will learn lots and have fun at camp/class, but we don't think you should risk one penny to find out. That's why you can try Play-a-Round Golf School absolutely risk-free. If you aren't completely satisfied, you'll get a 100% on-the-spot refund as soon as you decide. You've got nothing to lose, but lots of fun to gain." - Steve Graves, Sr., Chief FUN Officer

If you still have questions, please give me a call at 610.725.9155. I look forward to helping you and yours learn to play together for life.

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