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Play Better Golf: A Balanced Approach to Lower Scores

Play Better Golf Program - Play a Round Golf

NEW! A balanced approach to better golf

It’s no secret that golf can be a confounding game. One hole every chip is close and every drive is in the fairway. The hole day, even your tap-ins come up short. Every year golfers like you spend hundreds of dollars on “getting” a new game. Perhaps you purchased a new driver or putter. Maybe this year you felt the need to upscale your appearance and bought a new bag or shoes or even re-gripped your clubs. 

You’ve tried lessons. Last year you even went to the local driving range and hit buckets of balls every week. Your scores are still as high as ever. No Progress. What’s holding you back from achieving your potential? Clubs? Swing? Body? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a step-by-step program that helped help you focus on the right problems in the right sequence for real results?

Want to hear how you can really lower your scores this year?
golf skills

For years golfers have focused on lowering their scores. These efforts are comparable to college students trying to raise their cumulative grade point average without reading the book or doing the homework.

Science has shown that your ability to play better golf can be observed and measured by improvements to specific golf skills and fitness. Since most golfers learned the game informally from a family member or friend, they lack a clear understanding of these skills/attributes and their priority. They also are missing an objective assessment regarding skills, fitness, and periodic progress reports. Loads of research has been done support these claims. Golf books and magazines share lots of golf tips, but which ones are right for you? Which skills or fitness attributes would be best for you to learn first?

Would you like a list of skills and fitness obstacles holding back your game, a prescription of what you need to work on, feedback of your efforts over the next 90-days, and a money-back guarantee that you will play better? 
All of this is available NOW!

Play-a-Round Golf has partnered with FitGolf Enterprises and John Dunigan, PGA Master Golf Professional to provide our customers Play Better Golf Program: A Balanced Approach to Lower Scores, which includes:

  • Assessment of your Golf Skills and Play Better Golf ProgramFitness.
    Every 90 days our professionals will assess your current fitness and golf skills utilizing our proven assessment screening tools.
  • 90-Day Balanced Approach Prescriptions. At the beginning of each session, our professionals will review your recent assessments create a 90-day balanced approach prescription to ensure you are working on improving the correct golf skills and fitness.
  • Weekly Coaching Emails and Videos to educate and encourage you to continue work on your prescription. Links in each email will enable you to schedule your workout sessions through the Internet on your PC or Smartphone.
  • “Video Feedback Machine” - Weekly use of our integrated video/launch monitor simulator (“feedback machine”) is included in the program. By the way, this is the same simulator used by golf professionals to provide lessons effectively.
  • Personal Data Folder - Feedback data for each golf shot and desired videos are stored in your personal, password protected golf data folder. Fitness data is also stored for the Birdie level customers.
  • Full Membership Benefits - Members are invited to “by invitation only” classes and social events to explore the golf swing and other elements of the game in greater depth. “Play Better” Members also receive an additional 10% off our regular rates on other purchases. It’s a great way to save.

If these items were purchased separately at our regular rates, you’d have to pay a minimum of $130 per month, but Play Better Golf Program: A Balanced Approach to Lower Scores costs less.

We offer a no-obligation Initial Golf Handicaps Assessment so you can see what’s holding back your game. Then get your own 90-Day Prescription to Play Better Golf.

  • Par Plan is ONLY $74.47 per month*. Save over $100 per month. The Par level includes weekly 30-minute feedback sessions. A Great Value!
  • Birdie Plan at only $124.47 per month* Want to lower your scores even quicker? Select the Birdie Plan and double your savings, get Par-level benefits, plus your weekly feedback sessions are increased to 60 minutes and we automatically send your fitness reports electronically. An even Better Value!

Want to save more? When you sign up for the twelve-month plan you get two months FREE and avoid the $100 annual registration fee. Best Value!

Complete the form below to schedule your no-obligation Golf Handicaps Assessment TODAY.

Questions? Stop in or give us a call at 610-725-9155 and ask for Steve.

* First payment includes the non-refundable, annual registration fee ($100), the current month and next month’s fees, and applicable sales tax. The annual program can be cancelled at any time with refund of all unused months at regular rates, less the annual registration fee. 100% Guaranteed

“Play Better Golf GUARANTEE!”

Still not sure
that Play Better Golf Program will work for you? Try our program risk-free. At the end of each 90 days, if you’re not satisfied that the Play Better Golf Program has helped you play better, simply let us know and we’ll be happy to stop all future billings and refund your money up to the full amount paid for the previous quarter. No questions asked.

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