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Anyone can play at Play-a-Round Golf. Our year-round indoor golf facilities create one-of-a-kind experiences for everyone! LET’S PLAY over 80 golf courses. LET’S LEARN and improve your skills with golf lessons from professionals! LET’S GROW TOGETHER through parties or team building events with your colleagues, friends, or family.

Our top indoor golf centers enable people of all walks of life to enjoy the benefits of golf. 

We follow CDC guidelines, and wearing a mask while indoors at Play-a-Round Golf is optional for fully vaccinated customers.

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Let’s Play Golf!

Casual Rounds - Whether you’re playing in a foursome, twosome, or by yourself, appreciate our golf simulator technology year-round. Over 80 virtual golf courses provide lots of options from easy to championship caliber.

Golf Leagues - Friendly and competitive indoor golf leagues provide an opportunity for you to enjoy the game year-round in both 9-hole and 18-hole formats. Golf leagues begin each quarter and include ten sessions and playoffs.

Don’t know how to play? Let us help you get in the game.


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Let's Learn

Golf Classes

Beginners and avid golfers appreciate the golf training, instruction and feedback our professionals and technology provide. Join one of our classes beginning the first week of each month. Our six-step plan will teach you how to play the game with confidence. Don’t have clubs? Not a problem. Borrow ours until you know what you want.

  • Connect Better. Making good connections is vital for your success. In this class, we teach you how to move your body, so the golf club consistently connects with the golf ball to create confident putts, chips, pitches, and full swings. Let your body do the work. 
  • Land Closer. Whether it’s an approach from the fairway, a pitch or chip from around the green, or a lag putt, this course teaches you how to land the ball closer with consistency. Let the club do the work.  
  • Fly Farther. Sending your drive into the fairway or your approach shot farther, this course teaches you how to produce more distance with greater compression. At our indoor driving range, learning with real-time feedback can help you achieve results on the golf course. Let the ball do the work. 
  • Improve Lies. We all encounter trouble, and this course helps you learn not to panic, evaluate the situation, and make the best of the situation. Play it as it lies.  
  • Just Play. In this course, we teach you how to bring it all together and learn to enjoy the game while socializing with others. Let’s try a different course.  
  • Get Outside. Transitioning your game to the outdoors can be daunting. Our instructors help you transition your indoor golf game to outdoor golf courses. Let’s go play.

Junior Golf Programs

These Play-a-Round Golf programs are specially designed to help your junior learn the game while having fun. 

  • Golf-After-School – We offer fall and winter after-school classes for juniors who want to improve their abilities as well as beginners who haven’t played before. We make it fun, so your junior wants to continue.
  • Summer Golf Camp – Each week we help up to 12 juniors learn and develop their skills. Mornings are spent teaching proper skills utilizing outdoor practice areas and our state-of-the-art golf simulators. Lunchtime is spent getting to know each other at a nice eatery nearby. Afternoons are spent enjoying up to 9-holes at an area golf course. Many juniors return for another week. 
  • Individual Golf Lessons  – Many students prefer individualized approach and choose to work on their game with the golf professional by themselves or with a friend. 
  • Golf Professionals – Our golf professionals are affiliated with the Professional Golf Association. 

Ready to use your golf skills to build relationships?


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Let's Party

Our Golf & Hospitality Professionals help groups looking to celebrate achievements, birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, or just getting out of the office have FUN. We understand that many in your party may have never played virtual golf before. Our golf simulator technology can be adjusted to serve the needs of avid to beginner golfers.

Many Possibilities

  • Golf – Play 80+ Courses, perhaps a championship course from the tips or an easy course with wide-open fairways and huge greens. Make it a competition or a scramble. Play as many holes as you like.
  • Games – other games include everyone in the fun, including:
    - Putting games like mini-golf and skee-ball 
    - Chipping games like darts, beer pong, cornhole 
  • Themes/Decorations – Whether it’s West Coast, tropical, mountains, Scotland/Ireland, or other theme, we encourage our guests to make their virtual golf events memorable. 
  • Food & Beverages – We have snacks, sodas, and water onsite. You may bring (or order in) food and beer and/or wine. Both indoor golf centers have neighbors who can help supply your needs.

Designed for You

  • Schedule a date and time.
  • Bring your own food and beverages (beer & wine) or order take out/delivery from nearby eateries – we can supply coolers & ice.  
  • Bring your own clubs or use ours.

Typical Play-a-Round Golf Party for up to 10 People  

  • Theme – Planned or Spontaneous? Birthday? Anniversary? Surprise? Decorations?
  • Game – Is the event competitive or just for fun? Will everyone play or are some attending to network? Do you want stroke play, scramble, or another format? Will you play mini-golf, Skee-Ball, or chipping games like darts, beer pong, etc.? 
  • Duration – 2 ½ hours for practice at indoor golf driving range and approximately 9 holes. 
  • Golf Simulators – 1 for every 4-5 golfers, side-by-side. 
  • Clubs – Bring your own or use ours. 
  • Food – Order out and have delivered to your table, bring your own, or we can supply our famous popcorn. 
  • Beverages – Bring your own beer and/or wine and we’ll supply a cooler with ice. Sodas and waters are also included. 
  • Plates & napkins – Included 

Are you ready to play, learn, or party? Book a golf appointment or call today and get in the game.


"...I brought six of my fellow golfers along and we made a party of it by also being able to enjoy the wine and snacks we brought. (Hopefully we weren't too distracting to your other customers)...We all had a wonderful time. I hope to bring my family back for my birthday gift at some point and play a little longer..."

- Mary L. Insinger, LPGA Amateur Association - Philadelphia


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“I feel so much more confident when I am out on the course, because I know I’ve learned from someone who respects the game and really understands the mechanics of it.”
- Deborah



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