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Indoor Golf Year Round | Pro Golf Lessons | Fun Golf Events

Anyone can play at Play-a-Round Golf. Our year-round indoor golf facilities create one-of-a-kind experiences for everyone! LET’S PLAY over 80 golf courses. LET’S LEARN and improve your skills with golf lessons from professionals! LET’S GROW TOGETHER through team building events or golf parties with your colleagues, friends, or family.

Our top indoor golf centers enable people of all walks of life to enjoy the benefits of golf.

Let's Play Golf!

Come in and experience our indoor golf and entertainment facility using state-of-the-art golf simulators. There’s plenty of fun to be had whether you come for casual rounds with family or friends, to improve your game through practice, or to join a golf league. Everyone is welcome in our friendly, relaxed environment – from beginners to scratch golfers.

Casual Rounds - Whether you’re playing in a foursome, twosome, or by yourself, enjoy our golf simulator technology year-round. Over 80 virtual golf courses provide lots of options from easy to championship caliber. Play-a-Round Golf is a great place for family fun, a date night, or hanging out with friends. With indoor golf there is no on-course pressure and it is a great way to introduce people to the game of golf.

Practice - One of the best perks of playing indoor golf is that it helps you get better at your game. Our golf simulators capture data for your practice shots and present it in an instant for your review. Hitting balls at our indoor driving range provides real-time feedback. After each shot, our golf simulators project key data points such as trajectory and velocity of the ball, showing where the ball will land on the golf course. Plus, you can use the aG Locker App to track your game stats, compete, and join a growing community. Learn more about the golf simulator technology and feedback at Play-a-Round Golf.

Ready to schedule time in one of our indoor golf simulators? Click here to get started!

Golf Leagues - Friendly and competitive indoor golf leagues provide an opportunity for you to enjoy the game year-round in both 9-hole and 18-hole formats. Golf leagues begin each quarter and include ten sessions and playoffs. Scoring is handicapped. Indoor golf leagues are a great way to spend quality time with family and friends or make new friends in our golfing community.

Click here to join one of our indoor golf leagues or set up your own. Leagues are forming in both of our locations – Malvern, PA and Ardmore, PA.

Let's Learn

We are dedicated to inspiring everyone – beginners to avid golfers – to have fun and learn the great game of golf. Our technology and step-by-step instructions will guide the way. We provide year-round golf instruction that has helped golfers of all ages to learn to play and play better.

Golf Classes

Join one of our classes beginning the first week of each month. Our six-step plan will teach you how to play the game with confidence. Don’t have clubs? Not a problem. Borrow ours until you know what you want.

  • Connect Better. In this class, you will learn to swing the golf club correctly to create confident putts, chips, pitches, and full swings.
  • Land Closer. Whether you have an approach from the fairway, a pitch or chip from around the green, this class teaches you how to land the ball closer with consistency.
  • Fly Farther. Learn how to produce more distance in this class. At our indoor driving range, learning with real-time feedback helps you achieve results on the golf course.
  • Improve Lies. Look at trouble on the course in a new way with this session that helps you learn to evaluate and make the best of the situation.
  • Just Play. In this class, we teach you how to bring everything together and learn to enjoy the game while socializing with others.
  • Get Outside. Our instructors help you transition your indoor golf game to outdoor golf courses.

Learn more about our golf classes.

“I feel so much more confident when I am out on the course, because I know I’ve learned from someone who respects the game and really understands the mechanics of it.”

- Deborah

Classes are forming now at our Malvern and Ardmore, PA, locations. Click here to register today.

Golf Lessons

No matter your skill level, experience or age, golf lessons with a trained eye giving feedback and instruction takes your game to the next level. Many golfers prefer an individualized approach and choose to work on their game with a golf professional by themselves or with a friend.

Through the use of video analysis and data from our golf simulators, improvement can be accelerated. Our golf professionals know how to bring about improvement and lasting results by customizing their teaching method to their student’s skill level and goals. The golf professionals at Play-a-Round Golf are affiliated with the Professional Golf Association.

If you have searched for golf lessons near me, you have come to the right place. Click here to learn more about golf lessons at Play-a-Round Golf.


Play-a-Round Golf camps are specially designed to help golfers learn the game while having fun. Whether you love to play the game or want to learn to play golf, our camps offer a foundation to learn and gain confidence in the sport. The program covers all areas of the game, focusing on fun, improvement, and course management. Our teaching professionals work on strategy, shot selection, focus, and the rules of golf.

  • Summer Golf Camp – We help juniors learn and develop their skills. Mornings are spent teaching proper skills utilizing outdoor practice areas and our state-of-the-art golf simulators. Lunchtime is spent getting to know each other at a nice eatery nearby. Afternoons are spent enjoying up to 9-holes at an area golf course. Many juniors return for another week.

Click here to learn more about our golf camps. If you don’t see the camp that’s a fit for you – let us know.

Let's Party

Looking for a fun party venue? Host your event at Play-a-Round Golf! Our golf and party professionals will review your requirements and provide a party package to help make your event a success. We understand that many in your party may have never played virtual golf before and the golf simulator technology can be adjusted to serve the needs of avid to beginner golfers. Our indoor golf centers in Malvern and Ardmore are the perfect party venue for team building, Father’s Day U.S. Open parties, or to just get together for fun golf parties! We also are the birthday party location for your favorite golfer.

Many Possibilities

  • Golf Events – Choose from 80+ golf courses. Make it a competition or a scramble. Play as many holes as you like.
  • Games – Include everyone in the fun with putting games like mini golf, skee-ball, beer pong, and cornhole.
  • Themes/Decorations – Whether it’s West Coast, tropical, mountains, Scotland/Ireland, or other theme, we encourage our guests to make their indoor golf events memorable.
  • Food & Beverages – We have snacks, sodas, and water onsite. You may bring (or order in) food and beer and/or wine. Both indoor golf centers have neighbors who can help supply your needs.
  • Gift a Party – Give a golf gift certificate and let the recipient plan the fun!

Are you ready to party? Click here to learn more.


"...I brought six of my fellow golfers along and we made a party of it by also being able to enjoy the wine and snacks we brought. (Hopefully we weren't too distracting to your other customers)...We all had a wonderful time. I hope to bring my family back for my birthday gift at some point and play a little longer..."

- Mary L. Insinger, LPGA Amateur Association - Philadelphia

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