Dear USGA, It's Time to Respect ALL Golfers!

Dear USGA, It's Time to Respect ALL Golfers!

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Steve Graves
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Dear USGA,

As you near the end of another outdoor golf season, no doubt you and your staff will meet to assess this past season. You'll probably pat yourselves on the back for another great job. However, we have a bone to pick with you.

May we suggest that you remember that you represent all of us who play the game.

"And, if you play golf, you're my friend."  ~ Harvey Penick

Future USGA Members?

Sometime over this "off season" we expect you will send a solicitation for us to renew our membership. But, each year we're ambivalent about rejoining. On one hand, we appreciate being part of such a prestigious group dedicated to preserving "the greatest game." We truly love the game and enjoy it whenever we can and to be included with the likes of Arnie, Jack, Gary, Tiger, and many others who want to see the game preserved and grown is wonderful. On the other hand, are you really including ALL golfers?

Your solicitation will promise to send us a rules book and a hat if we rejoin. Now we sincerely appreciate the hat (and previously a pitch mark repair tool). Indeed we have collected quite a few. They're well-built and last a very long time. We understand that this helps you promote the US Open, but what about the other USGA championships? How many women are members of the USGA? Shouldn't the women's championship be given equal status? What about Amateurs, Seniors, and Juniors? Why aren't they also promoted?

Please allow us to suggest that you offer a selection of hats from different championships each year. This would remind us and that you really are promoting both the depth and breadth of the game to ALL golfers everywhere.  

Thank you for listening.

For the love of golf,

Steve Graves, Sr.  &  Steve Graves, Jr.

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