Is it FUN?

Is it FUN?

Steve Graves
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At Play-a-Round Golf, we want each of our guests to have fun, but helping them decide what game to play, under what conditions, and on which course can be rather daunting. So, we ask the following question to get the discussion started...

"Challenging or confidence-builder?"

Listening to their discussion tells me a lot about the group and why they're here. Are they here to enjoy the beer or wine they brought with them? Do they want to showoff their new driver? Have they brought a newbie and are just looking for their applause?
  • Challenging? How about Bethpage Black from the tips, with Advanced Pins, no gimmes, wet fairways, and 10mph wind?
  • Confidence-builder? We'll suggest something like Ashley Farms from the Red tees, with Novice Pins, 12ft gimmes, dry fairways, and no wind.
While the Challenge presented above is very challenging for most, even the Confidence-Builder may be too challenging for someone just starting out. So, how do you know what's the right choice? We say, "Keep it FUN."
  • High Challenge + Low Competence = Frustrating, it's too hard.
  • Low Challenge + High Competence = Boring, it's too easy. 
  • Balance of Challenge + Competence = FUN!
Fun Zone Graph - updated 2   Golf is a great game and offers different tee boxes (distances) to help balance the challenge with the golfer's competence.

"Make it FUN!"

I read recently where the typical weekend golfer would have more fun if they played from the appropriate set of tees. The article explained that someone could find their tees by multiplying their 5-iron distance by 36, i.e., for someone who hits a 5-iron 170 yards this would be 6,120 yards (middle tees). To approach this from another direction, we're introducing The PaR Challenge. Stated differently, from what distance can you score par (36)? Check our Challenge Boards at our locations. Rules are simple: Begin at the bottom rung. Record your score for 9 holes.  Gimmees-3ft. No Mulligans.  Score 36 or less, and move up a step. Can you reach the top before the outdoor season begins? The PaR Challenge - no golf balls-01
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