Two Steps Forward...

Two Steps Forward...

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Steve Graves
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Good news. I shot a 45 for nine holes on Monday. That's almost half-way to my goal. I say almost because my goal is to break 90. Sorry for the blurry picture.

Steve Shoots 45

So, at this "almost halfway point" to what do I attribute my success? By the way, it's good to celebrate individual steps along the way so long as I remember that I'm not quite to my goal.

First, I have better technique. Brian Mullin, our golf professional at Play-a-Round Golf Ardmore, identified several things for me to work on. The first thing was to find the bottom of my swing. Then he added that I needed to make sure my right hip turned away from the ball instead of sliding and to take my hands higher on take away.

Second, I'm more flexible. Jason Rivkin, athletic trainer at FitGolf, helped me get more flexibility in my hips (no wonder I couldn't turn them), more strength in my legs (still working on these), and now we're working on developing separation of my shoulders and torso (maybe I can do the salsa).

Third, I own my swing. One of the most important lessons I've learned this Spring is to own my swing by setting a goal and making a plan to reach it. It's not someone else's swing that I see warming up or teeing off ahead of me and try to imitate. It's mine and I need to be able to explain why I do things the way I do. For example, why do I hold the club the way that I do? Or, where do I put the ball in my stance? I'll save those responses for another blog.

Each of these plays a key role in how I play each time I go out or play inside.

What about you? To what do you attribute your success so far this season?

Next week, I'm playing 18 holes in our next round of Match Play. Should be lots of fun. I'll let you know how I do.

Hope to see you in the fairway this week. Stay hydrated.


Steve Sr

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