Get Your Priorities Right!

Get Your Priorities Right!

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Steve Graves
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Getting your priorities right is important to proper sequencing of your body during the down swing.

  1. Hips
  2. Shoulders
  3. Hands
  4. Club

Recently, I learned that my body reacts differently when I think about "hitting the ball" using my trailing (right) pocket versus when I think about "hitting the ball" using my leading (left) pocket. Brian, our golf pro in Ardmore, tells me that most golfers would hit the ball better if they kept this thought in mind. It seems that proper sequencing is critical to swinging the club effortlessly.

Try it for yourself. Take five swings just thinking about hitting the ball with your trailing pocket. Now, take five more swings while thinking about hitting the ball with your leading pocket. Did the two sets feel different? For me, it was eye-opening. When thinking about my leading pocket my swing felt better and the ball goes further and straighter.

Speaking of eye-opening, if you'd like to see your sequence make a "with video" appointment at either of our locations and we'll show you how to see your swing in slow-motion. It's a great way to understand what's going on in your swing.

By the way, I recently shot a 96 at Honeybrook GC. That's 12 shots better than the last 18 holes I played, but not quite breaking 90.

Hope that you are making progress toward your goals this summer. Give us a call if we can serve your swing.


Steve Sr

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