Boom Booms? Go Zoom Zoom!!!

Boom Booms? Go Zoom Zoom!!!

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Steve Graves
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The weather was hot and muggy. Clouds were rising and getting darker with every hole. I began to hear rumblings that suggested our afternoon nine would soon be cut to five or six. That was okay by me, my game wasn't doing too well.

So far, I pulled each of my drives left and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. In addition, several approach shots hit the "big ball before the little ball" suggesting that I wasn't staying in my posture during my swing. Chips were okay, but I didn't commit to them and even they came up short. Then, it happened...

The air horn sounded one long blast telling us that play was suspended and we should immediately head for cover. As the storm bore down on us we dashed for cover. No need to question what to do next. Fortunately, we weren't far from the clubhouse and got there easily before the rains came. As I had other appointments, I decided not to wait for the all-clear signal (three short blasts), put my stuff in the car, said my goodbyes, and headed out of the parking lot.

Driving home I reflected on what had just happened. Why was everything going left? I thought about my warmup time on the range. Shots weren't going very far, so I experimented with a few things. Perhaps, the warmup before a round is not the time to experiment.

Anyway, I asked Brian the following day what might be causing me to pull all my shots and he very helpfully explained...make a full turn. So, even though my round was cut short I learned what to look for next time I'm pulling my drive.

Now, isn't that what we're all looking for? To learn something and get a little better with every experience. I'm looking forward to getting back out and incorporating what I learned on my journey to break 90. What about you? Learn anything this week?

Looking forward to seeing you on the green.

Steve Sr

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