I Shot a 75!!!

I Shot a 75!!!

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Steve Graves
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It felt great. I played Hazeltine National GC with 3-foot gimmees. It really seams that all my hard work over the spring and summer is paying off. I was 3 over on the front and I shot even par on the back. Wow!!! Maybe one day I can shoot my age. Except for one thing...

1st Hole at Hazeltine National GC

…I should mention that I was playing from the Junior Tees (3,730 yards).

At Play-a-Round Golf we encourage golfers to discover their game from the flagstick back to the tee box. What yardage can you shoot 36 (or better) for nine holes? So far, I've accomplished this at 30yds, 50yds, 100yds, 150yds and now the junior tees (about 200-225yds). Next stop the red, or forward, tees at around 275yds and then the white (around 320yds) and the blue tees (360yds).

Okay, so it isn't outdoors and every lie is nice and flat. There isn't any rough to grab the hosel and twist the club face sending the ball further off line, but there is an objective to strive for. You do experience the stress of not being able to reach score par or better and you quickly learn where your biggest weaknesses are.

There were some additional benefits to being able to do this indoors. I didn't have to pay for 18-hole green fee when I only wanted to play from 30yards. I wasn't following and waiting on the group in front of me for 400 yards only to play from 30 yards in and easily catch them on the next tee. It took me about an hour to play the first two or three rungs of the ladder. It's a great way to introduce your son, daughter, or spouse into the game. It also brings lots of practice on the short game.

Want to record your progress? We have two boards at each facility for you to post your score each time you take your next step up the ladder. Need a hand getting up on the next rung? We're happy to help you climb your ladder to success.

Let us know how we can serve you.


Steve Sr

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