Golf is Like Riding a Bike, Right?

Golf is Like Riding a Bike, Right?

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Steve Graves

Being away requires time to reengage.

Friends who haven't seen each other for a while take time to reengage. Our family recently vacationed together. We enjoyed being together again. We played games, went fishing, went to the beach, enjoyed sunrises and sunsets, and, most of all, we laughed a lot. It had been too long since we did that together. But, while we did have tons of fun, I didn't take my sticks and didn't play while I was away and now that we're back, I need to get reacquainted with my golf swing.

Swinging a golf club is like riding a bicycle. Right?

N O T ! ! !

As I re-engage with my game I need to work on parts of my swing that I had forgotten or maybe hadn't noticed before. Shots that were easily going 150 before now struggled to make it past the 125 marker. What's up with that? Stupid game.

Tour professionals speak about needing to get away from the game after each season to do something take a vacation. They also speak about the challenges of regrooving their swing after being away. Now, if a professional golfer who practices every day to keep their game sharp, needs time to get their edge back imagine how much I lose when I don't practice that often. By the way, the one exception to this rule was Bruce Lietzki, who NEVER practiced. Fortunately, Brian, our pro, took a look at my swing and gave me several items to focus on. I'm finding my swing again.

But, this got me to wondering what if I played or practiced or played once a week for a whole year. Would I get better? Could my game actually help me relax? Could my game help me build relationships for work and enhance my career? Or, help me get closer to my family and friends?

Golf is a year-round sport.

Don't put your clubs in storage after the outdoor season. Make plans now to play this fall and winter either indoors or outdoors, locally or somewhere south. You'll be glad you did next spring.

Keep swinging!

Steve Sr

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