Hibernate or Play Through?

Hibernate or Play Through?

Steve Graves
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Hibernate or Play Through? 1908 0

It's no surprise that colder days are ahead. Happens every year. Fall and Winter mornings begin to dip into the forties, then thirties, and twenties making outdoor golf a bit uncomfortable. What is your strategy for dealing with the fall and winter?

Over the years I've heard that many put their clubs into storage around this time of year. They might ask the club pro to clean the clubs, empty the bag, and shine the shoes as they mark the end of another season and ready their game for next year. Hibernation.

Others might work on parts of their game by signing up for indoor lessons and practice by hitting into a net in the basement or garage. This piecemeal approach can help, but I can tell you from experience that in the end the result might be worse than if I put my clubs in storage. Piecemeal.

It wasn't the best, but it did enable us to continue watching golf as it happened during the Ryder Cup. Of course I'm speaking about the term "playing through," as in playing through the commercials. These two words best describe my strategy for improving my game and breaking 90. What am I doing this fall and winter to prepare for opening day next spring? I plan to Play Through.

For almost 15 years, we've been offering a play through strategy for the golfers in our area. Our aboutGolf simulators have improved greatly since we began. They've gone from Doppler Radar to extremely accurate Stereo Vision. Their golf course graphic design has also improved many fold with increased details that mimic actually being onsite. Immersive play enables me to play in any direction, just like I can outdoors. Accuracy shot capture, detailed course rendering, and immersive play all work together to enable me to work on my game as I play through this fall and winter.

How about you? What strategy will you choose? Hibernate or Play Through?

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