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Try Audio Books for Learning on the Move!

Trying to knuckle down and learn something new when you are already living your life at breakneck speed can simply be too much of a challenge.  There are times, though, when you might not be able to sit at a desk with a pile of books but you can afford to concentrate just enough to learn from an audio book.  Exercising, cooking, doing housework and driving, for example, are all activities that can be combined safely with audio learning. Audio books have, of course, been around for many ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Convenience Has Its Price. Can you afford it?

Take a peek inside most people’s supermarket carts, kitchen cupboards and iceboxes these days and more than likely you will see endless varieties of convenience foods.  With time being such a precious commodity and lifestyles being so frenetic, perhaps in some ways it is not entirely surprising that we resort to prepared foodstuffs and ready meals.  When you consider just how short of cash many people are as a result of this latest economic recession, it might be expected that more of us ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saving for a Rainy Day?

Changing our spending habits is hard and takes a good deal of commitment and discipline.  In fact, to demonstrate how hard it can be, it is believed that if the 90% of the world’s wealth that currently belongs to just 10% of the population were to be redistributed, it would take only seven years before it was back in the hands of the 10% again. Of course, for most of us, the tendency is either to spend what we earn or to spend more than we earn, neither of which provides much opportunity to ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Family Times: Now Online

In July 2010, we began publishing a newsletter called Family Times. Since then we have mailed it each month to over 900 customers' homes and businesses. The response has been terrific. Customers tell us that they enjoy the informative and entertaining articles. Many read the articles with their families around the dinner table or with business associates at work.  Now, we recognize that some of you don't like getting mail, so we created this blog to share  the articles along with other ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Wednesday, March 30, 2011