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"Great Shot! Never a Doubt!"

Ever let a doubt enter your mind just before your swing? Perhaps it might be something like one of these completions to the phrase "I doubt I..." Choose the right club Checked the wind direction Took into account for the ball being above/below my feet Lined up to that far tree Marked my ball Have enough club to get over the bunker/lake/tree Will keep it out of the woods Am standing far/close enough to the ball Can get up and down to save par Can beat my opponent Am ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Friday, September 16, 2011

What's Blocking Your Performance?

David Cook, PhD, former "mental training coach" of the San Antonio Spurs, suggests that performance equals potential minus distractions. This is true. When I was younger friends of my parents used to tell me that I had lots of potential, but I was too easily distracted by a bright-shiny objects. Activities, accomplishments, and awards easily attracted my attention away from using my potential. The same is true today in my personal life, my family, my business, and my golf game.     Every ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Putt the Ball!!

"Looking for a new putter? Before I make a suggestion, perhaps a few questions will help narrow down the putter that will be right for you. Traditional, belly, forearm, chest, or shoulder? Sideways or face-on? Mallet, blade, or really weird? Face, toe, or heel weighting? Straight steel or plastic insert? Heel, center, or off-set? Steel or graphite shafts? Straight, "C", or no-grooves? Alignment markings? Fancy head cover? Round, trigger, or fat grips?  One, two, ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Friday, September 2, 2011

How Much Time Do You Devote to Learning?

It might be easy or convenient to think that the world’s most successful people were just born with natural abilities that the majority of individuals don’t possess.  However, if you were to research these men and women carefully, the common traits you would find are a thirst for knowledge and a dedication to learning.  The great scientists and captains of industry didn’t just happen upon the skills and knowledge that led to their life-changing discoveries or their incredible power and ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gr8 Ways to Play with Your Children!

Did you play with your children last week? No guilt trip here. I confess that I didn't play  with my children as they were growing up. Now, I wish I had. Here are several ideas you can use to plan this week's play time with the family. Try them out. Let me know what worked for you. Have other ideas, please feel free to share them here. 1. "It's NOT About You!" It's NOT About Winning the Game! It's even NOT about your children! Surprised? It's about your grandchildren! As your children see ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Thursday, August 25, 2011