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What Are You Afraid Of?

[caption id="attachment_951" align="alignright" width="189"] Do you turn your back to your target like Lexi Thompson at the recent US WOMENS OPEN?[/caption] Watching someone try to hit the ball for the very first time is interesting. What they tell their bodies to do is often an expression of the way they live their life. For example, do they turn their back to the target? Golf is one of the only sports where each participant should turn their back to the target during the backswing. This ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Friday, August 7, 2015

Want to Play the Greatest Confidence Game?

Do you ever doubt? Everyone knows that Zach Johnson won the OPEN Championship this year, but did you know that he won with mediocre statistics? He was 60th in driving distance and he was 40th in greens in regulation. But, at the end of the playoff he alone stood at the top for one reason - CONFIDENCE. Repeatable swings build CONFIDENCE. It's clear that Zach works to eliminate EVERY unnecessary part of his swing. He squares his clubface naturally without a lot of wrist movement. His ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What Do You See: Obstacles or Beauty?

Ask someone to describe the 7th hole at Peeble Beach Golf Links and they'll probably mention the ocean waves crashing against the seawall on the left, right, and far sides of the hole. They'll also tell you about the bunkers that are short, long, and left. They also might mention the wind that frequently blows there. But, these are only part of the description that define the golf hole. Without them one of the most picturesque golf holes in the world would be just another hole at your local ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Friday, July 10, 2015

Winners Plan to Deal with Pressure

Saturday on the professional tours is known as moving day. Naïvely, I thought that meant those who made the cut would move into the better hotel rooms of those who missed the cut. While that might occur, moving day is actually a strategy where golfers take riskier shots on Saturday to move up the Leaderboard and once on top they sit on the lead and play more conservatively on Sunday. While this might be great for the person leading on Sunday morning, it doesn't make for good drama for the TV ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Friday, June 26, 2015

Respect the Game (and Each Other)!

How you treat people in your life will say a lot about you. Do you hold up the group behind you? “I paid my fee. They can wait their turn.” Do you press the group ahead? “Hey, while we’re still young!” Or, do you rake bunkers for another in your foursome who is struggling? Do you watch their ball as you would your own to ensure they find it? Do you stare at them hands on hips when they seem to be taking longer than they should putting out? Respect is not just tolerance. Respect is setting ... Read more...
Steve Graves, Wednesday, June 17, 2015