Any golfer, regardless of their proficiency level, can learn to golf and enjoy the game more with the help of a coach's feedback and instruction. We strive to attract all levels of golfers to our store in order to serve our customers better. 

Golf lesson videos and shot data are available online for you to check whenever you want. Never worry about your learning style— we've got you covered. For year-round golf instruction, don’t look any further.

Beginner Golf School

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In order to help new golfers understand the foundations of the game, Admore PA, Beginner Golf School welcomes them to the sport. We make learning the sport fun and interactive at our indoor golf facilities or on the golf course!

Our qualified instructors use teaching technology to help students understand more specifics about what could be fixed. As they advance through the course, students can improve their skills on our cutting-edge indoor simulators utilizing real golf equipment on real courses. This combination of teaching will guarantee a good grasp of the rules and rhythm of the sport. You'll have your first win in just a couple of hours.

Lessons At Golf Camp Malvern

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Our golf school is founded on the idea that beginners of all ages would naturally pick up the game when playing is enjoyable and pain-free. Our motto is, "Learning Works Best - When Fun Comes First." We incorporate this belief in every lesson since it is so important. In order to teach skills that allow our students to play while learning, practicing, and competing, we use a range of games in our sessions. We have beginning and intermediate options for each class.

For you to learn every element of the game, all our classes listed below contain six sessions and six half-hour practice sessions.

  • Connect Better— Acquire proper golf swing technique. This is a nice spot to start, as it can vastly improve your game.
  • Land Closer— Practice landing the golf ball closer after successfully launching it into the air. Reduce your golf score by concentrating on the placement game.
  • Fly Further— Develop your golf ball-sending range. Increase your distance by making better use of your physique.
  • Improved Lies— Develop your ability to play on different types of  terrain on courses: sand, tall grass, and uneven terrain. These portions are taught outdoors.
  • Just Play— Play a round of golf with your friends while learning how to navigate the course. Create plans that make the most of your skills. Remember: practice makes perfect.
  • Get Outside— Put your talents to the test and raise your scores as we play nine holes every week.

Ardmore, PA Beginner Golfers Lessons For Adult

Improvement can be accelerated by using high-speed video analysis and precise data from our aboutGolf® simulators. Regardless of the weather or course, consistent practice can produce long-lasting outcomes. To track your development, lessons, round statistics, swing data, and shot data can be saved on a personal web page. We believe going over these is key to success!

  • Adult video lesson for 60 minutes - $125
  • $70.00 for an adult, a 30-minute session with a video

Stay Ahead Of The Learning Curve With Our Coaches!
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Brian Mullin, Golf Teaching Professional 

Director of Golf Instruction- Ardmore PA

Brian is an enthusiastic golf professional with more than ten years of experience instructing. During this time, Brian has taught players of all ages and skill levels how to play more proficiently.

According to Brian's swing philosophy, a swing and program must be tailored to the requirements and abilities of the student. In Phoenix, Arizona, at the Golf Academy of America, this ideology started to take shape. Five PGA members, including two PGA Master Professionals, Tim Eberlein, a three-time Southwest PGA Section Horton Smith Award winner, Pete Huber, a Golf Digest Best Teacher in America, and three Quarter Century PGA Members, coached Brian. 

In addition, Brian spent a year as a John Stahlschmidt intern at the PGA Tour Academy at TPC Scottsdale. After graduating from college, Brian relocated back to the East. At the Chesapeake Bay Golf Club in Rising Sun, Maryland, he studied under Andy Barbin, the 2010 PGA National President's Plaque winner and 2011 National PGA Golf Professional of the Year finalist.

Brian enjoys teaching the principles of golf and the mechanics of the swing. He is accredited by PGA.Coach, U.S. Kids Golf, and the Skilled Coaching Alliance for Coaching and Motor Learning Programmes. He is also an active member of these organizations. Brian is certified with the Positive Coaching Alliance, Smart2 Move, and SuperSpeed Golf. 

He has instructed thousands of golfers of various ages, including four years as the team's head coach at North East High School, where some of his students qualified for the state championship. At Cecil College, where he served as head golf coach, his team participated in the NJCAA for three years.

Brian has had the chance to serve for a variety of causes and events, including the LPGA, Scottsdale's renowned 16th hole, and the Philadelphia PGA PAO Committee for Junior Golf, Finance, and Charity. Brian is eager to assist young golfers in learning or improving their game. 


Our golf school is built on the premise that beginner golfers of all ages naturally pick up the game when it’s fun and they can enjoy successes of playing without the pain. This means “Learning Works Best – When FUN Comes First.” We believe this is so fundamental that we’ve built it into every class. Our classes use a variety of games to teach techniques that enable our students to play while learning, practicing, and competing. Each of our classes are offered for both beginners and intermediate players. We make it fun!

Each of our Classes listed below includes 6 sessions and 6 half-hour practice sessions to help you learn each aspect of the game.

  • Connect Better – Learn to swing the golf club correctly. Lots of games make this a fun place for you to begin.
  • Land Closer – Learn to consistently get the ball in the air and land closer. Focus on the short game lowers your golf score.
  • Fly Further – Learn to send the ball farther. Get more distance by using your body more efficiently.
  • Improved Lies – Learn to play from the sand, long grass, and uneven ground. Portions are held outdoors.
  • Just Play – Learn to manage your way around the course and enjoy a round of golf with friends. Develop strategies that best use your abilities.
  • Get Outside – Put it all together as we play 9 holes each week to test your skills and improve your scores. Class held at local golf courses.

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Adult Lessons

Through the use of high-speed video analysis and accurate information from our aboutGolf® simulators, improvement can be sped-up. Lasting results can be achieved by consistent practice conditions regardless of weather. Lessons, round stats, swings, and shot data can be stored on a personal web page to help you track your progress.

  • Adult, 60-minute lesson with video - $125.00
  • Adult, 30-minute lesson with video - $70.00

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Junior Lessons

Our lessons are built on the premise that our junior golfers will have an absolute blast and enjoy the successes of playing golf, while also learning worthwhile skills and techniques of the game. Junior golfers will benefit from being able to review video and shot data from our state-of-the-art simulators.

  • Junior (under 18), 60-minute lesson with video - $90.00
  • Junior (under 18), 30-minute lesson with video - $50.00

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Meet Our Golf Instructors

Brian Mullin, Golf Teaching Professional
Director of Golf Instruction - Ardmore

Brian is a passionate Golf Professional with over 10 years of teaching experience. Over that time, Brian has taught many different skill levels and age groups how to play better, and have more fun while doing it.

Brian's swing philosophy focuses on the student's needs and experience and molds a swing and program to benefit them. That philosophy began to take shape at the Golf Academy of America (Phoenix, AZ). There Brian was instructed by 5 PGA members, including 2 PGA Master Professionals Pete Huber, a Golf Digest Best Teacher in America, and Tim Eberlein, 3 time Southwest PGA Section Horton Smith Award winner, and 3 Quarter Century PGA Members. There he learned not only the principles of the golf swing but how to teach and grow this great game. In addition, Brian interned under John Stahlschmidt at TPC Scottsdale's PGA Tour Academy for a year. After school, Brian moved back east, ending up at Chesapeake Bay Golf Club in Rising Sun, MD learning more about the business and swing from Andy Barbin, the 2010 PGA National President's Plaque award winner and Finalist for National PGA Golf Professional of the year in 2011.

Brian enjoys explaining the mechanics of the golf swing, as well as the values of the game. He is certified with PGA.Coach and U.S Kids Golf, and is a member of the Skilled Coaching Alliance for Coaching and Motor Learning Programs. Currently, Brian holds advanced certifications from SuperSpeed Golf and Swing Catalyst while also being certified with the Positive Coaching Alliance, Smart2 Move, and EyeLine Golf.

He has taught 1,000's of golfers of all ages, including four years as the Head Golf Coach for the North East High School team, where several golfers went to the state tournament during his tenure. He also was Head Golf Coach at Cecil College, where his team competed in the NJCAA for three years.

Brian has had the opportunity to volunteer at several events and organizations, including caddying for the LPGA, working the famed 16th hole at Scottsdale and member of the Philadelphia PGA PAO Committee for Junior Golf, Finance and Charity. Brian looks forward to helping you learn to play or learn to play better. Give him a call to get started today.

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Matt Schellenger, Golf Teaching Professional
Golf Instructor, Malvern

Matt is a passionate golfer with over 20 years of playing experience. He grew up learning the game at Waynesborough CC and was the Shore Club Junior Champion as well as 2013 GAP Most Improved Player overall. Before college, Matt was a Surf Instructor in Avalon, NJ. While at Washington College, he was a two-year starter on the Men’s Lacrosse team and developed a passion of teaching golf to his teammates.

“Golf’s an amazing game that has done so much for me, and sharing that with others is a dream come true.”

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My children (ages 6,8, and 10) participated in the Play-a-Round Golf Camp and absolutely LOVED it!! This was their first introduction to golf, and all three left with a desire to learn more. I highly recommend these guys!

- Christina H.