Play-a-Round Golf: Birthday Parties, Private Events, and Team Building Malvern, PA


Play-a-Round Golf: Birthday Parties, Private Events, and Team Building Malvern, PA

Are you looking for the perfect place to host your next party or private event? Look no further than Play-a-Round Golf. Our Indoor Golf Centers offer a comfortable and fun atmosphere to sit back, relax, and play a few rounds of golf,  making them an ideal place to host events with family, friends, and colleagues of all ages and skill levels.

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Why Choose Play-a-Round Golf For Your Next Birthday Party or Private Event

From birthday parties, corporate events, rehearsal dinners, bachelor parties, sports watch parties and more, here at Play-a-Round Golf we are passionate about planning and hosting all sorts of parties and private events. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Play-a-Round Golf.

State of the Art Golf Simulators

Our state-of-the-art Golf Simulators offer the perfect stress-free environment for people of all ages to learn and play. It is not uncommon for beginner golfers to feel nervous about holding more experienced players back when out on a real golf course, but our facilities make it easy for players of all skill levels to play together without any pressure to perform.

Our simulators have over 80 different courses to choose from so that you will never run out of new courses to play and entertainment to be had. 

Plenty of Room For Your Guests

Each of our simulators are able to accommodate up to 5 people, but that does not mean that your event will be limited to just a few friends or colleagues. In fact, we can accommodate up to 50 people per event. If you need more space, we will gladly let you rent out multiple simulators, and our Malvern location  has a conference room with plenty of room for your guests. If you are interested in fully buying out either of our locations, please let us know!

Bring Your Own Snacks or Have Food Delivered to Your Golf Simulator

No party is complete without some good food and at both our Malvern and Ardmore, PA locations, there are plenty of restaurants and eateries nearby, so you can have food delivered right to the specific simulator you are using. All you have to do is order the food, and we will set up beforehand and clean up afterward. 

If you choose not to order your own food, you are more than welcome to bring your own food and snacks so that you can play golf all day long without ever worrying about going hungry. 


We know that during certain gatherings, guests may want to be able to drink, and while we do not sell alcohol on-site, we do welcome our guests to bring their own beer and wine so that you can have a few drinks just like you might do out on an actual course. Both of our centers have  beer and spirits stores located conveniently in their plazas.

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Perfect For Your Special Event 

Our indoor golf facilities are the perfect places to host all sorts of different events. If you can find a reason to celebrate, our friendly staff will help you organize an event that your guests will remember for years to come. Here are some of the most popular events that we host.

Adult and Kids Birthday Parties

Play-a-Round Golf is the perfect spot for people of all ages to spend their special day, especially if you love to golf but have friends who are not comfortable spending all day out on the course. All you have to do is bring the birthday cake and candles, and we will take care of all the rest.

Corporate Team Building and Work Functions

They say that business is done out on the golf course, but unless you are an expert golfer, you may not feel comfortable having to show off your skills in front of your colleagues. Play-a-Round Golf takes all the pressure off, making it the ideal place for beginners and experts alike to spend time together, bond, and become a better team.


We have hosted many fundraisers for a variety of different clubs and organizations. If you have a cause that needs fundraising, we are happy to help you plan out a fun and unique experience that is sure to get your group the funds you need to make a difference. 

Other Private Events

We do not just stop at birthday parties, work events, and fundraisers. If you have a reason to celebrate or an event to host, we will  provide you with a welcoming and fun environment to make it a success. 

Whether you are planning a corporate meeting, retirement party, wedding, or any other event, we are open to whatever ideas you have. At the end of the day, there is no better place to host your next event than Play-a-Round Golf.

Our Signature Golf Party Package

We offer a standard golf party package for $265, which is perfect for parties of up to ten people. You will have a choice between over 80 different golf courses, three miniature golf games, or skee ball and darts, and no matter what, this package includes two and half hours on two of our state-of-the-art simulators. 

We will also provide you with rental clubs, soda and water, unlimited popcorn, ice and a cooler for your beers and wine, and plates and napkins for any food that you order or bring with you. 

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Contact Play-a-Round Golf Today

If you are planning your next special event and need a fun place to host it, give us a call. We will happily help you plan it out and ensure all your party needs are met. From birthday parties, family get-togethers, bachelor/bachelorette parties , other special events, and more, Play-a-Round Golf offers everything you need to make your next party a unique and memorable time that all your friends and colleagues have a blast at. Call Play-a-Round Golf and start planning your next event today!


Fundraising events can be a fun and uplifting way to bring people together. Let Play-a-Round Golf help you organize a fun and unique fundraising event that allows you to focus on financial goals and spread awareness for your cause.

Team Building

Whether building high-performance teams or just letting off steam, navigating hazards, and improving focus are just some of the lessons your company will explore in our 9-hole or 18-hole indoor team building challenge. Play-a-Round Golf uses on-course challenges to create an active learning environment where theory and practice are examined first-hand.

Play-a-Round Golf: Party FAQ

Do you have a birthday party or some other special event coming up that you would like to celebrate in style? How about a corporate team-building function that needs a venue? Either way, Play-a-Round Golf has you covered. 

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions that we get regarding our parties and events. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Golf simulator for a birthday party, simulated outdoor spaces, we can host your next event, from rehearsal dinners to work functions to baby showers and bridal showers 


Contact Play-a-Round Golf Today to Host Your Birthday Party or Team Building Malvern PA

We hope that we were able to answer all your questions here, but if you are still curious about something more specific or would like to discuss the details of your next private event, feel free to give us a call. We are always here and happy to answer any questions you may have. So, contact Play-a-Round Golf and get started planning your next party or work event today!


"Our company booked a team building event at Play-a-Round Golf and were very pleased. The facility and recreation provided a relaxed and enjoyable environment to interact with colleagues. You do not need to be a golfer to enjoy the experience. Everyone did a great job helping us plan the event and catering. We will definitely book there again."

- Mary Pifer, VP International Marketing & Product Management more

"Thank you Play-a-Round Golf for hosting a great event for our Leadership Team. It was a wonderful time to collaborate with each other, and learn a few new things about our "swings". I truly appreciated working with your professional staff and for all the direction that was provided."

- Amie Ellis, Leadership Program Manager, RICOH USA more

"I am writing this to say a BIG, "Thank You"! Last evening I finally took advantage of my certificate you gave me last year while the LPGA Amateurs - Philly used your wonderful facilities for our Pro Lessons. I brought six of my fellow golfers along and we made a party of it by also being able to enjoy the wine and snacks we brought. (Hopefully we weren't too distracting to your other customers). We "played" a couple of holes at Pebble Beach since we figured we would not be doing the real thing. Chris was very helpful in setting things up, as was Brian in booking the facility. We all had a wonderful time. I hope to bring my family back for my birthday gift at some point and play a little longer.

Again, thank you for everything. You have a wonderful facility and it really is a 'fun' place."

- Mary L. Insinger, LPGA Amateur Association, Philadelphia more