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Our golf simulators offer the best indoor golfing experience, with over 80 golf courses to play, different driving range venues, and a variety of practice options that allow you to hit shots from anywhere on the course–without holding up other groups!

Play the world’s best golf courses on a simulator, including Whistling Straits, Pebble Beach, and St. Andrews, to name a few. Whether you play as a single or foursome, finish a full 18 or only play a couple of holes, tackle a world-class course or take it easy on a beginner track–the possibilities are endless and fun. AND the hourly price is the same no matter how many people are playing per simulator.

Everyone is welcome and our facilities are handicap accessible. Play-a-Round Golf is open to golfers of all skill levels. With no on-course pressure, it is a great way to introduce people to the great game of golf. There is something for everyone. Kids don’t have to play golf; they can use the giant screens to play other games like darts, mini-golf, and others.

It is always comfortable in Play-a-Round Golf locations–all year round–and on your schedule. Our indoor golf simulators accurately measure the trajectory and velocity of the ball. With precision, they show where the ball will land in real life.

Play-a-Round is BYO beer and wine, so it makes for a great non-traditional happy hour location, date night, or just a night out with good friends. You can bring your favorite snacks or order from nearby eateries–they will deliver right to your simulator!


- $47.50 plus tax/hour
Saturday and Sunday
- $52.50 plus tax/hour

Save on your simulator rentals by purchasing packages, which never expire and are valid any day of the week.

Ready to have some fun!? Book online or call us to schedule.
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Note: Rates are for the rental of the simulator per hour. Time is rounded up to the nearest quarter hour. We recommend reserving an hour for each experienced golfer to complete a full round of 18 holes.

FAQs about Play-a-Round Golf - Ardmore

Are you ready to boost your golf game with Play-a-Round Golf? Ardmore residents can enjoy golf simulators, swing coaching, and so much more. We offer many options, and it's a great place to go year-round for golf fun.

We realize that some of our friends might have questions, and that's okay. Here are some of our FAQs to get you the answers you might need!

Do I Have To Book A Time to Play?

While we may have walk in availability to come in and play with friends, family members, or coaches, we definitely recommend booking a time to play. Most people love to come in and play a round of golf at the best courses without having to leave Ardmore.

What Options Are Available for Play-a-Round Golf?

Ardmore residents can experience indoor golf and the entertainment facility any time of year. Our golf simulators are state-of-the-art, and you can choose practice and casual rounds. Let's learn more about them

  • Practice - The perk about playing indoor golf is that it will help you get better at the game. Our simulators capture data for all swings, presenting it instantly for your review. You get more detailed feedback, and it's all in real time. In fact, after every shot, the golf simulator projects data points like velocity and trajectory to show where it would land on a golf course. 
  • Casual Rounds - Whether playing by yourself or with some friends, you can enjoy the simulator technology throughout the year. We have more than 80 virtual golf courses here at Play-a-Round Golf. Ardmore residents will always have something exciting, whether they're scratch golfers or swinging for the first time.

Do You Offer Golf Classes?

Yes! You can join one of the classes that start at the beginning of the month here at Play-a-Round Golf. Ardmore residents receive a six-step plan to teach them about the golf game, and you don't need clubs!

Can I Take Golf Lessons?

It doesn't matter what age, experience, or skill level you have. Golf lessons from a trained professional will take things to the next level, and you can experience that at Play-a-Round Golf. Ardmore golfers often like the individualized approach we present to help refine their game!.

Our video analysis is swing data accessible, and you get more detailed feedback from them. It's a convenient way to learn, grow, and have fun

Will a Golf Simulator Help Improve My Club Head Speed?

Using the golf simulator gives you a chance to track your progress while you learn about golf. Ardmore, PA, residents love that they can work on their club speed averages and can focus on their posture and swing, which, might help improve that club head speed.

How Do I Play a Round of Golf? Ardmore Residents Want to Know!

Anyone can book our venue to enjoy games, lessons, leagues, and more at Play-a-Round Golf. Ardmore residents can click our "book an appointment" button to get started.