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One way to ensure that you are practicing correctly is to swing in our state-of-the-art golf simulators that document your progress. Hitting buckets of golf balls on the driving range can leave you asking, "How far did that go, and was I aimed in that direction?". Learning to practice with a system that provides real-time feedback, video analysis, and clubface angle at impact can help you achieve better results on the course.

Our golf simulators capture critical data for each of your practice shots, including ball and club data. After each shot, our golf simulator presents key data for your immediate review. They also troubleshoot swing problems such as hooking and slicing. Along with the immediate feedback, you can view your shots and video analysis via your online account. With the aG Locker App, you can stay connected to your game and your data anywhere. Click here to get the aG Locker App.

Remove the guesswork to see exactly what is going on during practice, analyze your data and start playing better golf.

Click here to take your practice to the next level through some of the features offered at Play-a-Round Golf.

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