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Golf at Play-a-Round is a welcoming experience for women interested in trying the game, picking it back up, or playing competitively.

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Play-a-Round Golf offers fun parties that include putting and chipping games, as well as all levels of golf.

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Play-a-Round Golf offers fun parties that include putting and chipping games, as well as all levels of golf.

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Play-a-Round Golf offers Leagues for Ladies to enjoy getting together regularly.

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I feel so much more confident when I am out on the course, because I know I’ve learned from someone who respects the game and really understands the mechanics of it.
~ Deborah

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Malvern 610-725-9155 | Ardmore 610-228-2814

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Playing golf can be an opportunity to network professionally, but it can also be a fun activity with friends and family. The handicapping scoring system allows for players of all abilities to play together.

When it comes to mixing business with pleasure, golf is where it’s at. According to a Barron’s survey, 80% of golfers believe it is an important business development tool.

Golf is about your external ability as well as your internal ability. Learning how to handle success and failure on the golf course can help you off the course as well. It teaches you endurance and resiliency.

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Play-a-Round Golf offers classes, leagues, parties, and more.

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Play-a-Round Golf offers gift certificates open the door to FUN. Available in any denomination, Play-a-Round Golf gift certificates can be used at any of our golf centers and don’t lose their value. Our year-round indoor golf facilities create one-of-a-kind experiences for everyone.

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My children (ages 6, 8, & 10)… absolutely LOVED it!! This was their first introduction to golf, and all three left with a desire to learn more. I highly recommend these guys!

~ Christina H.


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